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Therapeutic Services

Healing, Growth & Meaningful Change

I offer a variety of traditional practices in counselling services. Embracing openness and increasing awareness to meaning- making from the client's perspective.

From Generic Counselling based upon foundations of strength- based & person- centred approaches.

 (CBT & DBT).

The Mind- The Heart- The Soul

Nature Prescribing or Outdoor Healthcare

Offering Experiential Learning opportunities through a non- traditional wellness approach in Outdoor Healthcare (Nurtured by Nature).

Nature aids healing, improves mental clarity, calms the nervous system, heightens creativity, & more.

The Body & Environment (Somatic, MRE)

Equine, Animals & Nature offer an abundance of honest and clear communication with concrete, and symbolic, real time experiences. From Nature Play and Sensory Gardening, to Canine Communication or Eats & Treats with Equine friends. 

A fun, non-confrontational way to learn, grow & heal 'naturally.'

Therapeutic Services: Services
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CBT- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

DBT- Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

CBT focuses on changing automatic negative thoughts that have a detrimental influence on mood & behaviour.

Thoughts are identified, challenged, & replaced with more objective, realistic thoughts.

DBT Combines elements of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Mindfulness Practices.

Traditional 'Talk Therapy' can be cognitively challenging. However, entwined into a 'natural setting,' thinking patterns and themes can be explored with tangible, sensory examples.

Bringing an openness to difference ways of seeing.

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