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Youth Coaching Session

Connecting with young people and their families through the power of Coaching Young People For Success Program (CYPFS).

With the goal of increasing young people's capacity for success in their own settings- home, school or community. 

Offering a two stage coaching process, which includes The POWER Coaching Model and The GOAL Coaching Conversation.

Draw on strategies from positive psychology and hope theory – all of which are proven to build the self-awareness, self-belief and sense of ownership young people need to create their own inspiring plans and strengthen the emotional skills they need to achieve their goals on an ongoing basis. 

Outreach to Schools and other organisational setting can be discussed.

Ranging from Transition to High School. My High School Success. Career Coaching & more.

Surfing at Sunset

Group Sessions- Social, Nature- Prescribing

Gardening offers both indoor & outdoor hands on group alternatives.

Soil for Soul Care. Flowers for Flourishing.

One tree is enough to oxygenize &
relax you. Resting in the presence of bushland. Walk & talk or wander & ponder.

Bush- Bathing for Healing on Country.

Create a pleasing  connection with the outdoors in a paddock grassland.

This is the perfect
setting for a group mindfulness practice.

Find a comfortable spot to sit &
get grounded.

Place your bare feet on the ground, or hold a leaf in your hand.

Open your heart.
Let the day's stresses & thoughts fall away. Listen to the ministering sounds of nature.


Pony Play

We can offer 'in house' or 'outreach' visitations to bring joy and playfulness to your organisation, home, event or activity.

Our sweet little miniature horse- Honey, has made visits to kid's parties as well as  aged care facilities.

She can dress in themed outfits and share her Christmas Cheer or Magical Moments to any setting indoors or out.

Everyone loves a Magical Unicorn!

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